Damn, I forgot to update

So many things happened lately, and so little time… I completely forgot to update anything food related. We are now mostly doing intermitent fasting, about 16/8 is the average, sometimes a little bit less, sometimes a little bit more. We are on the ketovore side, it feels great. Except when heating. Like the last weekend.  […]

Two meals a day

I am super busy with the apartment, no time to log or to keep track of what we eat. Right now we are on some sort of limited keto, more on the carnivore side, with some vegetables. What is new since the last time I have written something is the almost full stop on artificial […]

Home again

It’s time for an update. After spending one month in “Carbland” I am happy to announce that we also managed to “do” 4 more days on pretty much restaurant and fast food without eating to  much carbs.  During our one month long trip back home we had about 3 cheat meals in total. Once we […]

As expected… no Food Diary

I was prepared not to be able to continue the Food diary during the month of August. The first few days were weird. We went to a weekend to a cabin in the mountains, sort of a birthday party with way to much food. Luckily a lot of keto friendly meals as well. Friday and […]

Food Diary 01.08.2019

No photo for today 🙂 So far food wise we are very good.  We had a few meatballs (2-3), some kohlrabi soup, and meat. No breakfast, and probably no dinner either. Or something very keto friendly. Food 2: we had a pork cracklings (called jumari), home made dry saussage, a little bit of cheese and […]

Food Diary 31.07.2019

Just photos for now… for breakfast we had some store made chicken with cheese roll, we were in a hurry. no photo… not to many carbs Food … Romanian “mici” and grilled chicken breast with mayonaisse and mustard. Very low in carbs. Was awesome. Was not in the mood to have any salad this time. […]

Food Diary 28.07.2019

One egg, some Szalonna, half tomato and a tablespoon of guacamole, followed by a bit of cheesecake like ‘concoction’ I made yesterday. (Greek yogurt, heavy cream, some water, a pack of gelatin, sweetener and vanilla aroma, plus about 80g of peanutbutter).  This was definitely somewhat over our carb limit, but since the fridge is slowly […]

Fridge Update

This is pretty much what’s left in the fridge. There is some meat left for Tuesday and Wendnesday morning, and the rest are going to wait until we are back. Luckily nothing is perishable. Although I don’t think the Dulce de Leche will last till we are back…   The updated list looks like this: […]