What is this ?

We started keto more than 4 years 7 month ago (started at 2015 January), with great success. However over time, we slipped into a sort of lazy keto, with on and off cheet days. This was obviously a bad idea, and was not planned. Now we try to get back and be more serious about it.

Here one thing this blog is NOT:

  • this is not advice on any sort, (nor medical nor nutritional) it’s just a diary of what we eat, how we eat, and some other stuff from our life.   I do not have any sort of medical or nutritional training, nor advise anybody to follow our way of eating.  Please consult a doctor, this way of eating may be bad for you.

What we don’t do:

  • measuring ketone levels – Once you know how it feels being on ketones, it will be obvious when we are not. A simple cheat day will throw us out from feeling awesome for 2-3 days… (after cheating it feels like a medium hangover)
  • we do not measure everything super strictly. I do keep track of what we eat, and when you see a post with daily food, that’s eat, there is nothing else but water put in our bodies.
  • don’t sweat about it – it’s not a diet for us, it’s a way of life. We try to keep the cheat meals/days at minimum, if it happens, it happened, won’t be the end of the world.
  • we are not bio and healthy food maniacs 😀 you will see “Garbage sausages” and ready made meats in our blog, it’s easy to prepare and while it’s not ideal… it works on occasions.

Some “how we do it”:

  • my calories calculator is an excel file I compiled myself, from the food items we buy, and some of them looked up online. It’s still “work in progress”, sheet one contains the calculations, and I can modify 2 columns here. One for the food type, and second for the amount. The excel looks up the corresponding values from the second sheet. I can freely add all the type of foods we regularly eat with the nutritional values. Only thing I need to take care is to add the food name exactly as it’s stored on the food list.  I am still perfecting it, noticed some issues once I started using it. But for me this is the easiest way to keep track, instead of any app. This allows me to look up trough the number of foods we actually eat, and not trough thousands that generally food tracker applications offer.
  • The above calculator uses the values for all carbs, (not net carbs), hence our daily goal is to keep between 20-50 carbs a day, some might be fibers from this. As long as it’s low, I am fine with it.
  • We don’t have a goal for daily fat, but try to keep the fat % high in our food, very low % for carbs, while “average” amount for proteins.
  • Most of our carbs come from vegetables, sometimes very limited amount of fruits
  • we do have cheats once in a while: visiting friends and family or eating out are the most reasons to cheat, sometimes it’s just so damn difficult to eat keto, that we give up. We can do this, because the cheat day happens rarely, and we do feel like crap after reminding us clearly why we are on the keto lifestyle, and we do not use this as a “diet” or a weight loss plan. It’s our way of life.
  • we try to add intermittent fasting day in (this is actually new for us)
  • I  only started to keep the food diary a few days ago, because I had the feeling that we started to slightly overeat, and wanted to regain control over the food, but mainly  I am curious what we eat during the day.
  • we generally don’t have cheat foods in the house = easier to not cheat. (2 adults in the household, it’s easy this way).
  • we eat 2 times a day, very little snacking inbetween.

How we started:

The whole thing started because bot of us were overweight (more my husband) and he started to show “aging” problems: high blood pressure, pre-disposition to diabetes, constantly being tired, very high triglyceride levels, fatty liver, very high cholesterol.  We tried everything the doctors suggested and nothing seemed to work. I found keto and we tried it as pretty much a last resort.  The whole keto concept was totally against what I knew about what is healthy eating. (I was measuring the fat by miligrams, and trying to avoid it!!!)  We gave 30 days, to see if it’s just fad (as most of the diets) or will it make a difference.  Started “head first”, without any hesitation, fought trough the side effects (everything is temporary) and 2 weeks later “magic happened”.  So we continued. In a few month he had to slowly drop his blood pressure medication because it became to low.  2 years later, all the blood work came back perfect, no more fatty liver, normal cholesterol levels.

For me this diet fixed my issues with hearth burning (had it constantly). Now this only happens if I eat higher amount of carbs. (and I am definitely not gluten sensitive, as sometimes I use gluten – being a protein – in baking and have no issues with it). If I over eat carbs (cheat meal) I can expect massive stomach cramps (not that much lately tho…) and feeling like crap for 2 days.

What do people think:

Some of the friends and family think we are crazy, and we will end up with clogged arteries from the amount of fat we eat.  But we follow the First rule of keto: we don’t talk about keto 😀


This is it for now, if I have other things to share about our way of eating, I will get back to it.