I think the most difficult thing to write is the very fist thing on a blog… future website or whatever this will be… Just imagining that in 10 years time, maybe people will come back to this and laugh …. ohhh gooosh, gives me shivers. But because I have no idea what will be in 10 years time, I decided to start it anyway and write up some small explanation about what we are trying to achieve here…  It’s about everything, related to Spain… we are just slowly starting to discover this magnificent ancient land and we are so fascinated by it, that we just have to share the findings…  You may ask, who is this “we”… It’s just me and my husband, so don’t you worry WE are not some weird sect or any strange group of people.

We started visiting spain about 7 years ago… and after falling in love and having hard time to leave, we decided to move here and take a closer look… It took us some time and effort to manage this performance, but now we are here and slowly getting into the “Conquistador” mode, we want to “conquire” as much as possible, to see as much as possible… but you know, I am not really interested in the Spanish beaches or well known tourist attractions… I am interested in the  hidden treasures, secrets and especially tiny villages. I am fascinated by the tiny Spanish villages and one day I WILL have a (not so) tiny Spanish house in a tiny Spanish village… a house with many floors… but more about that later.

You may also ask, what’s with this name… 42 what??? WHY? What42 stands for?

I also have an answer to this… No, it’s not my age, and it’s not my husband’s age, but maybe by the time we are 42… (pretty soon unfortunately) this site will be up and running with proper content and you have more than a lousy intro… 42   is “The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything”, calculated by an enormous supercomputer named Deep Thought over a period of 7.5 million years.”  (source). You see… that’s why 42*.

Oh well… I will tell you the other, very down to earth reason… it is painfully difficult to get a decent domain name these days, that is not something like: “wearegoingtotravelacrossspainlikecrazy.com” or the “misadventuresoftwoinspainwhoknowsnothinglikejohnsnow.com”. You see, the real problem that we are not and not even pretending to be a tour guide or a proper source for travel info. We are just going to go. And make a lot of photos. Some of them will be bad. And share them. And write about them, and hopefully have a great time.  Because Spain is not just beaches and bullfight, Spain is much more. Way more.

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