From Artana to almost Puebla de Arenoso

On a lovely sunny day in January, we decided to go a bit road trippin‘  in Sierra de Espadan, Spain. We had family members visiting from far away and wanted to show them some nice places. The first destination was Artana, and from here following the CV 223 we wanted to get trough Tales, Suera than join into the CV205 till Fuentes de Ayodar. From here a  “short” unnamed road would have taken us to the CV20 in direction Torrechiva to continue the road until we reach Puebla de Arenoso.

This was the plan:


Instead of the “straight line”, we ended up close to Matet, Villamalur and we had to follow some very narrow, one lane roads to get from one location to the other, trough the mountains. Good thing we had the GPS… It was an awesome adventure, we’ve seen really nice places, but… we didn’t arrived to Puebla de Arenoso. Instead we stopped for a coffee in Fuentes de Ayodar. We were so “off the map” that the local guardia civil checked us for ID… They were very polite, asking where we are going and basically what are we doing so off the map…  We asked them how long to get to Puebla de Arenoso, and they were a bit skeptical that we may arrive there without a full tank of fuel… This is why we decided to postpone the “conquering” of  Puebla de Arenoso that day and instead we returned to civilization, toward Onda and than home.

All and all… was a fantastic trip, and a good way to discover just how big Sierra Espadan is. We only managed to have a glips on this enormity, and hopefully we will have a lot more opportunities to go back and discover more. One plan is to eventually go with a bicycle and discover the area on 2 wheels. It’s a bit difficult with all the mountains but maybe we find nice routes that don’t go that up. Or we just push the bicycles 😀

Here are some photos from this adventure.