Fanzara and Puebla de Arenoso

On Saturday night, while having dinner with friends a few of us decided to go on a shorter road trip on Sunday. We originally made plans to visit Algimia de Almonacid and while we get there, a few other villages that are on the same route.

I came up with the following detailed plan with google maps 😀


This maps only shows the planned route from Castellon, but we had an extra 50km on our hand, making it a total of 150km. A sweet ride for a day when we planned to visit a few smaller villages.

But of course, we ended up in a totally different direction…Probably one of the reasons we didn’t followed trough the original idea, was that while I printed the map, just to have it handy all the time… I forgot to take them with me. And even if I remembered the whole route and knew what direction we wanted to go, somehow the “Should we go left” question had to be answered with YEEESSS! And that’s why we ended up going like this:


Unfortunately I cannot make the map entirely accurate, because I just can’t find the road we took toward Embassament del Sitjar. It was somewhat in the plan to visit Ribesalbes, but we got so mesmerized by the images of the blue water, that we forgot and just kept going. And if the plans were changed so early in our day, we decided to just go and discover what will be in front of us.

First step was Fanzara, a true surprise…. something we honestly didn’t expected. Before we entered the streets of Fanzara, we thought it will be  “just another ordinary village” in the mountains, (like there is a real thing here in Spain…) among plenty of other lovely villages, that we have no idea they exist.

Fanzara surprised us with plenty of M.I.A.U arts on the house walls, it was just beautiful, weird, creepy and different somehow from what we expected. Now I am in a hurry to write about the day, so the full details and a photo album with Fanzara will come in the following days.

From Fanzara we continued our trip to Montanejos direction, just shortly after we got almost stuck on a very narrow road in Espadilla – don’t ask why we ended up there. Everybody tells that it’s my fault, that i have a special talent to go and find the most bendy and impossible roads, but I was not driving, and was sitting quietly on the back street … so go figure.  😀

You would expect that we stopped at Montanejos, being one of the end points of our revised plan, but nope, we didn’t stopped there. We went straight to Fuente de los banos. After visiting this area, and wondering how the water is so warm, instead to turn back and visit Monanejos, we continued the road to Puebla de Arenoso. Finally we “finished” the last trips plan.  Despite the fact that this time, we planned to go trough Eslida and Artana, and wonder around the streets there, we didn’t even get close to these 2 villages.

I think my planning “app” is totally broken in me, and that’s the cause that we always end up in different places than we initially wanted to go.

All an all, I think this was a successful and lovely day, now we have a few more places to visit added to the list and next time I will plan carefully NOT to go there, and hopefully will end up finding them anyway.

So stay tuned for the city/village pages, I hope it won’t be long until I can start adding them.