Told you! NO MORE PLANS!!

Can’t even express how angry I am… this is how the plans of a lovely weekends are getting f*cked up. And what bothers me more, is that the Fundation Nao Victoria was so “nice” to inform us about the change of plans only TODAY, 6th of April, when the visits should have started TODAY in Port Moraira, Alicante. I cannot believe that they didn’t knew one-two days BEFORE the actual date that they are not going to get to Puerto de Moraira. So while I got the money back, full refund, initiated by the company, but they managed to mess up all my weekend plans in the very last moment…  So while I understand that with boats, not everything is set in stone… but the lack of communication is LAME.

So next time you are planning to go half across the country to visit this ship, consider it twice you might have the “nice surprise” to have your visit cancelled AND NOT TOLD in time so you can change your plans accordingly. Good thing that we didn’t planned to go TODAY… even if it was considered… I think if I would have driven 200+ km to get there just to find out that the ship is not going to show up…  would have had an instant stroke.

So …”thank you” Nao Victoria for being kind’a a** hole  by not informing the people in time about the change of plans…