I am still confused about this rules and trying to find my way out, but so far I managed to find out that it’s forbidden to go and use any type of boat that is longer than 2.5 meter in the lakes and rivers. Not sure if this is valid throughout whole Spain or just in Castellon area, or just a few lakes that are fairly close to us… but hopefully one day I will have a clear picture.

My plan was to buy an inflatable kayak or canoe and once in a while go out and have fun on the water. This permit thing however adds an extra step to the process. But so far, I think (not 100% sure though) that this permit is not needed if you plan to go on the sea. However some rules and regulations here also apply, things like you are not allowed to go more than 300m from the shore ? Ah rules and regulations… damn it.

I still have to find the perfect boat for ourselves… I would like a canadian canoe, but we won’t have storage space for that. Those are usually more than 5m long for 2-3 persons, and would be also difficult to transport them. The solution lies in the inflatable boats… There are fairly cheap ones in Decathlon, no idea how good or terrible ideas are those… definitely the cheapest one is a huge no no, at least for almost 200 euros the quality looked awful… but there were 2-3 that would be a “maybe”.

I managed to find 2 “Dream boats”…. Here are the winners:

Bic Nomad Hp3 OR Advanced Elements AE1007-R

I like the Bic Nomad HP3 more than the Advanced Elements AE1007-R… but the price of the Bic is almost double the price of AE… so that’s a really big incentive to go with the Advanced Elements… it would be a great bot anyway, has very good reviews online.

Now my troubling question is the following: how I will know if buying the boat is a good idea or we will go out and use it 1-2 times and after that will keep it in storage? Spending close to 1000 euros on a sporting equipment and not using it is stupid… but not having the equipment makes it impossible to see if we would actually love and use it regularly.  Because of this I am inclined to search for a second hand boat and have that for a season or two… if we catch the “bug”… surely we can buy the best boat available…

Will try to post more info when I find out about the rules and regulations of using boats on inland waters….