Arguing with google maps…

It looks like we are going to make a small trip around Easter. The plan is to go and visit our friends in Oliva, and while we are there, to see a few places. Despite the fact that we were quite a few times in the area, we managed to never visit Cullera city and the Cullera castle, so we kind’a plan to do it this time. Of course, if we are there we will have a short sightseeing tour in Oliva and when we head home, will make a small detour, roughly 30km and visit Xativa.

So far I managed to find out a great deal about Xativa by browsing Xativa Turismo website, but as usual, there is nothing available in English on this website. I managed to find the Xativa audioguide, a complex map and the description of  some of the interesting points of the city.

But the funny part of the planning was when I wanted to see how to get to Xativa from Oliva. I added the two cities, and because I didn’t liked the result, added the “via Benigànim” and this should have sorted out. I always want to choose smaller, more insignificant roads, while these bloody maps always want to take me there with the fastest route possible… After this I added our home as final destination and was expecting to see a connection to A-7 highway from Xativa, via N-340, because it was very close. Instead, Google Maps sent me back to Oliva and from there took the AP-7 highway… and I got all upset… why oh why you stupid program… was thinking, and was just not logical, why it took me back from Xativa to Oliva and from there to home… Until I realized that actually that was what I asked!  The itinerary started from Beniganim, to Xativa and from Xativa to Oliva and home. No wonder poor Google Maps was not doing what I expected it to do…

While we are in the area, we will probably visit Cooperativa Valenciana Virgen Pobre de Xaló, to get a few bottles of vine because we already know how good that is!

Looking forward to the next trip. Considering that it will be probably at Easter, maybe we will have the chance to join some local festivities!

Photo:  tpsdave