Food Diary 22.07.2019

Monday fast… Only black coffee and water. I don’t kow how long this fast will last, the minimum planned is 24h, but considering that last meal was Sunday at about 18:00 and the next planned meal is maybe somewhere tomorrow after 13h, that’s way more than 24 hours pretty much close to 48. Either way […]

This is why you are fat

The other day we went to do some very basic grocery shopping. This is one of the shops we visit often, the produce section is great, always fresh, the meat section is also fairly good, the deli and cheese section is acceptable.  However we mostly go to this store for their various hosehold items, and […]

Fridge update

Hmm… the fridge looks fuller than it was at the beginning… We were shopping today, but only bought the very basics and a lot of household items from shampoo to detergent. Food wise a dozen of eggs, 1kg of tomato, sugar free cola and fanta, as well some meats for the weekend barbecue where we […]