Tortured meat in fantasy marinade™

I have seen some videos lately with asian ladies putting a lot of toothpick like woods in some meats. I tried to figured out why they are doing it, and the best answer I got so far was to allow the flavour to penetrate the food better. Uhmm… Okay.  I do have a feeling that meat on skewers always taste better for some reason, but I always thought its because the smoke they also get while they are on the barbecue?

Today I was in the mood to experiment, so I started  torturing the meat by sticking a bunch of toothpicks in it.  Yep I did it.

So far so good… but I got so carried away with experimenting  (and… the torture felt good!!! made me feel like some evil scientist from a weird japanese cartoon!) that I decided to make a marinade for it.  I had a few awesome recipes I  saved previously for this but where they are when I need it??? I tried to remember what was in those, but frankly nothing came to my mind. So I started grabbing “stuff” from the fridge and the panty and mixed all up. The result looks awful at this stage 😀  Let´s hope it will be at least edible.

Here is what I put in the marinade: quite possibly important to make a note so I will know what NOT to try next – this in case it turns out to be horrible. But if it´s something good, I might well want to have it written down.

2 tablespoon of mustard, grainy, 2 tablespoon of Hoisin sauce, salt, 1 teaspoon ground black pepper, 2 teaspoon smoked paprika, 2 teaspoons of thyme, 2 tablespoons of vinegar, about  100ml of olive oil, 100ml milk and about 2 tablespoon of low carb ketchup, and some soy sauce.  Mixed everything and covered the tortured meat with this mix.  I am now worried that the mix might catch fire, or drip trough my fridge or even worse ruin my oven or cause some nuclear meltdown while I will cook it, but will have to wait and see.

So far this “creation” comes with a warning label: don´t try this at home LOL! I assume it’s not difficult to figure out why the name of this food is  “Tortured meat in Fantasy marinade™”


tucked in, and put in the oven (200ºC for 1 and a half hour) followed by 2×15 minutes (turned the meat after 25 minutes) on a setting called ¨Circul air grilling” and lastly gave it a few minutes (about 2?) of  “large area grill”)

The meat turned out great 😀

Note to self: If I intend to make this again, probably it would taste even better if I would use lemon juice instead of vinegar.

The taste: definitely interesting (in a good sense), fresh, the sauce is a bit tangy (if you taste it on it´s own it´s to sour) but a little bit on the top of the meat was just great! Probably could add some rosemary to it!