Sugar free cherry jam?

I don’t know what to call this “stuff” I just made.  I discovered in the freezer 740g of fozen cherry.  I actually got it from a friend, and I used up about 3 other bags to make some low carb desserts. But I had no idea what to do with these 2. If we are going to empty the fridge by the end of the month, I figured I can try to make something out of it. Jam… or some sort of chutney would come to my mind. So this is what I did:

Placed the frozen cherry in a saucepan, added a little bit of water and let it boil, stirring once in a while. Because the added water and the water released from unfreezing was to much, I throw out some of it. And I let it on the fire until the remaining water was reduced and the consistency changed to something much thicker. I added a dash of cinnamon, 1 teaspoon of Bourbon vanilla paste, about some liquid sweetener to taste (I use a store brand, that doesn’t have any aftertaste but many others can be used )and ended up with a small jar of reduced cherry that tastes awesome.


According to my calculation, the cherry jam nutrition info looks something like this.  As you can see, the 100g of it contains a lot of carbs so have to be very careful with the amount I eat at once.

Kcalories Fat Proteins Carbs Total Sugar Total Fiber
107.18 0.62 2.06 25.75 17.17 3.30

One tablespoon is 34g -> translates as

Kcalories/100g Amount Kcalories Fat Proteins Carbs Sugar Fiber
Sugar Free Cherry Jam 107 35 37.45 0.217 0.721 9.0125 6.0095 1.155

This is roughly net 7.85 carbs per a tablespoon!  We have to be careful around this not to eat more than our daily carb limit which is around 20g. 

*I like to “work” and remember the total carb value LOL. The bigger the number, the more careful I am with the food.