Sugar free blueberry jello-cream-yogurt dessert

Except 2 chocolate bonbons we didn’t had any sweet treat for a long time. I had some cream, greek yogurt and a pack of sugar free jello powder, figured I put something together from this.  Since this is experimental, now I know that either I should have added more liquid (cream or water) or should have used less jello powder

200ml heavy cream
1/2 bag of sugar free jello powder* – I had blueberry taste
40g butter (love butter that’s why)
2 tablespoons of non caloric liquid sweetener ** (to taste)
about 200g-250g greek yogurt

Placed everything in a saucepan, and heated it up to a  “pre boiling”  level mixing all the time. After this I placed them in small glass containers and let it cool.

* originally I used the whole pack of jello powder that was for 500ml of liquid, but since the ingredients of this mix were not exactly liquids, I will try next time with half a pack, should be enough. It turned out a little bit to dense.
** we have a liquid sweetener here, mix of saccharin and cyclamate that does not have a horrible aftertaste. We don’t use it on a daily basis, occasionally in sweets.  think that any other sweetener would work with this combination.

It was super filling, a little bit on the sour side, due to the blueberry jello powder but was definitely very refreshing. I was only able to eat half, and saved the rest for tomorrow.

According to my calculation:

Kcal/100G Fat/100g Saturated/100g Protein/100g Carbs/100g
257.65 25.92 17.41 3.22 2.95