Spicy minced meat and vegetable medley

Another food I had to invent name…  it is basically a “fridge food” based on ingredients I have at home. Since we are on the “mission” to empty the fridge by the end of the month, I had to be a bit creative. Usually these foods are really good, with a chance of never being repeated again, because next time I cook up something similar, most probably one or two ingredients are missing. The general rule of thumb however is: they are always quite tasty.  Usually I never bothered to write down the ingredients so it was even more difficult to reconstruct the “once in a lifetime” food.

This can be done from fresh green beans and a bit of carrot, but I used a bag of mixed frozen one. Just green beans, just yellow beans would also be very similar.

800g minced meat – mix of pork and beef (not mandatory, can be only pork or only beef)
750g mixed green bean, yellow bean, carrot (according to the bag 30% green bean, 25%carrots, 20% yellow beans, 15% eggplant, 8%onion)
135g sour cream
100g heavy cream
53g hungarian ¨bacon¨ also known as szalonna – I use this to add a little bit of smokey flavor to the dish, it can be replaced by lard or olive oil – maybe half?
50g butter – I should have used only 25
45g tandori paste
24g garlic – about 6 smaller cloves
1 medium onion (mine was 103g), chopped
2 tablespoon of sugar free barbecue sauce
2 teaspoons of Gaucha sauce – spanish – this can be left out
3 teaspoon of capers
1 teaspoon of green pepper
2 teaspoons of smoked spanish paprika
2 teaspoons of pesto


1.) place the chopped szalonna and the butter in a wok, add the chopped onion and stir it until slightly golden
2.) add the meat and continue stirring occasionally until meat changed color
3.) add the capers, green pepper and smoked paprika, a pinch of salt and continued mixing.
4.) continue by adding the pesto, gaucha, barbecue  sauce and tandori sauce and mixed it once in a while.
5.) add the frozen vegetables and continue mixing gently, at this stage you may need to add half a cup of water (a bit more if you are using fresh beans)
6.) added the heavy cream
7) I covered it for a few minutes and let it bubbling under the lid
8.) checked the taste, added a bit more salt and because the beans were soft I finished it with adding  the sour cream and the minced garlic, mixed it again, and removed from the fire.

Serving size: 4-6

Calories: (this is only informative)

Kcalories/100g Amount Kcalories Fat SaturatedFat Proteins Carbs
Minced pork and beef 219 800 1752 130.4 57.6 137.6 6.4
Salteado de verduras 70 750 525 27 4.5 10.5 51
Sour Cream 242 146 353.32 35.04 23.36 3.942 4.818
Heavy cream 335 100 335 35 24 2 3.1
Szalonna 716 53 379.48 38.69 0 4.77 0
Butter 725 50 362.5 40 26 0.35 0.3
Onion 40 103 41.2 0.103 0 1.133 9.27
Garlic 148 24 35.52 0.12 0.024 1.536 7.92
Gaucha sauce 465 15 69.75 6.75 0.69 0.42 1.8
Totals Total Amount Kcalories Fat Total SaturatedFat Proteins Carbs
2041.00 3853.77 313.10 136.17 162.25 84.61

Per 100g:

Kcal/100G Fat/100g Saturated/100g Protein/100g Carbs/100g
188.82 15.34 6.67 7.95 4.15

Note to self:  since all my recipes are pretty much experimental, I usually have to adjust it after the fact is consumed 😀 I note down all the ingredients for a while now, to at least know what to adjust. I like this “free style” cooking, never was to big of a fan on strictly following the recipes.
Some changes are required for this recipe to become better. For example:
– need to reduce the fat content.  “back in the days” when I used flour, the oily material was not splitting the rest of the food, but without that, it can happen. The only way to avoid it is to reduce the fat a little bit.
– because I haven´t licked the plate clean 😀 (yuck, who would want to lick oil?) the calorie content is not entirely true, as most of the calories come from fat.

So here is the new ingredient list for the next trial: 

Ingredients Amount
Minced pork and beef 800
Salteado de verduras 750
Sour Cream 146
Heavy cream 100
Szalonna 25
Onion 103
Garlic 24
Gaucha sauce 15