Sauerkraut with exotic tendencies

I often buy Sauerkraut in Aldi and Lidl and keep it as a “safety” food at home. It comes in jars or “pockets”, and it´s super easy to come up with something interesting. Usually I used it in combination of meat, and while we like the taste, the sourness of some version is a bit higher than we like it. This can be “doctored” a bit if I have a bit of sweet cabbage at home and mix the two cabbages together. (first I start with the sweet cabbage, and when it´s soft, I add the sour cabbage).

But today I didn’t had any sweet cabbage, so I decided to do a different combination: a bit of peas, a bit of green beans, chicken breast and the sour cabbage. It turned out way better than expected!


100g peas (frozen)
150g green beans(frozen)
630g chicken breast, cut to stripes
350g Sauerkraut
1 medium onion
40g butter
3 tablespoons of olive oil
little bit of water (3 tablespoons)
Spices: Nutmeg, Cumin, Fennel and Curcuma, salt, pepper and a bit of red smoked paprika

Heated up the oil and butter in the wok, sautéd the onion a bit, added the  chicken breast and stirred until white, almost done. Added the frozen peas, green beans and Sauerkraut, continued the cooking process on high heat. After a few minutes added the condiments, mixed well , addeed the water and covered the wok with a lid for 5-6 minutes

Nutritional info (this might not be super accurate) for ingredients

Kcalories/100g Amount Kcalories Fat Proteins Carbs
Green Peas 69 100 69 0.3 5.2 9
Green beans 31 150 46.5 0.3 2.85 6.3
Onion 40 142 56.8 0.142 1.562 12.78
Sauerkraut 47 350 164.5 4.9 3.5 19.95
Olive Oil 884 15 132.6 15 0 0
Butter 725 41 297.25 32.8 0.287 0.246
Chicken Breast 165 634 1046.1 22.824 196.54 0

Per 100g: (same …)

Kcalories Fat Proteins Carbs Total Sugar Total Fiber
126.6 5.3 14.7 3.4 2.0 0.4
Yields about 4 portions 
Sauerkraut With Exotic Tendencies