The Keto Diet is Killing My Son

Bahh!!! We will spend the whole month of August in the Carb filled homeland. I am already regretting the decision to go there for such a long period of time. Will have to fight the constant “at least try it, a little bit won´t hurt” from pretty much everybody around, the “what you are doing is not healthy” lectures while they chug on 5 tons of carbs in the same meal. At home the “healthy” food consists in bread, pasta, rice, and potato in unimaginable quantities, and everything is finished  with cakes and cookies. We are kind’a an abomination for not eating like them anymore. Not Portuguese, but this are the type of conversations that happen between my husband and my mother in law. 😀

This will happen despite the fact that we are on this way of eating for more than 4 years now, no signs of “imminent death”, and our last lab results came out perfectly balanced in the middle for pretty much everything they tested us.  Compared to the 2 years prior test, where we were eating “healthy” and everything was fucked up, from cholesterol levels, triglicerides, blood sugar. And of course my husband had high blood pressure … Now these are in-existent, but the family still insists that what we do is not healthy beacause we SHOULD have 3 meals a day and even 2 more snacks, what is this “silly thing” to eat moderate amounts 2 times a day…

I use this month PRIOR going as a mental preparation. I measure EVERY food, make pictures of them, try to remember how much is this or that visually, in the hope that my brain will get used to the smaller amounts,  and be able to control the amount we eat even if I don’t have a kitchen scale at hand or I don’t want to become super awkward. I won’t be able to measure everything at home, without looking at me like I am mental or crazy.  I will try to make a pic at least form our food, because   I noticed if I measure and photograph every item, and spend a little bit of time to prepare the food instead of just starting to eat, I have more control over the amount.

I even considered buying a mini pocket scale to have it on me constantly, which I might actually do for our future travelling, but it won’t arrive on time.  I may look out for other place that sells the same stuff. I can always say we do a long term experiement where it’s important to measure the amount of food we have… Hmmm….