I don´t care about…

There are a few ¨quirks” in our diet or way of eating, and while I know that this or that is not entirely correct, I am totally fine with them.

For example I know that the nutrition facts of a red/green/yellow bell peppers are different,  that cherry tomatoes or kumato tomatoes contain more carbs or sugars than other type of tomatoes, I know that spices contain calories and carbs, I know that the tablespoon of milk I put in coffee also contains roughly 1 gram of carbs and probably the list goes a long way.  I do not make a difference between green pepper or yellow pepper because at the end of the day all I want to know if I have overeaten on carbs by the long shoot. If I have 2 carbs more per day I honestly do not care.

I also don´t care if we eat some vegetables that are higher in carbs like carrots. Carrots are super cheap, easy to prepare and the taste is fairly bland to go with many foods that I prepare as a filler or a source of some fibers.

I won´t change normal full fat milk to almond milk, because I absolutely hate the taste of almond milk. Tried and for me it just tastes wrong.  Most of the milk is consumed one tablespoon at the time in coffee.

I can do this because for a long time now for us eating keto is not to loose weight, it´s because it feels good, the body reacts very well to it, our health markers improved, our energy levels are high and our mental clarity is top notch. Except when I try to date the bloody damn food diary, and instead of 06 I constantly write 07 and 2017 as year when we are clearly in 2019…

So to say I can “afford” to be lazy and don´t need to pay attention to these small details.

And a few other things:

I do have almost 1kg of sugar at home 😀 Some guests want sugar in their coffee and I like to play with chocolate. And some recipes just require sugar. I tried to find proper replacement, but things like caramel just won´t work that well with any of the replacements I tried.

I also have roughly 1kg of flour in the house, and some corn starch too. There are some foods that require thickening agents, and I am sick and tired to try to find a suitable replacement that cost a fortune. I  figured that using 2 tablespoons of flour for a meal that we eat probably for 2 days between 2 persons just won´t worth the effort of finding a replacement that cost 10x more, and it´s impossible to find in normal conditions around here. 1 tablespoon of flour contains 8 g of carbs and on the long run, I can live with that.

I have never used keto strips or keto meter. At the beginning it was tempting, but I never went to buy the meter or the strips, they were just to expensive.  Once we managed to feel the difference, it´s easy to know when we are on ketones and when we are on carbs. It´s like having a higher octane flue source for the body that burns with less waste.

Ketchup and barbecue sauce – we generally have a low sugar version ketchup in one of the stores and try to buy that. However I don´t fuss about this either, because we don´t eat a huge amount of ketchup all the time. The teaspoon we have it with some sausages is not going to ruin anything. I rarely do keto pizza that requires slightly more ketchup, but if I do… oh well, we will have a bit of more carbs for a day. Not the end of the world. For us at least.