Home again

It’s time for an update. After spending one month in “Carbland” I am happy to announce that we also managed to “do” 4 more days on pretty much restaurant and fast food without eating to  much carbs.  During our one month long trip back home we had about 3 cheat meals in total. Once we were invited to a birthday part, were we had cake, and some food containing a little bit of rice as well. The next cheat meal was another celebration, this time we were at a restaurant, and we tasted the cake.  The third time, we visited an old friend of mine, who had no idea about our keto eating and she made doughnuts and we tasted them.

I can say I was surprised, how easy it was to stick to our way of eating. The only thing more difficult was convincing our parents that we are NOT HUNGRY constantly or trying to skip “the most important meal of the day”. It´s traditional back home to be greeted with food, it´s a sign of love to be offered food and we constantly had to refuse and try not to eat to many times. Luckily pretty much everybody understood that we eat differently and nobody tried to convince us to eat bread, pasta or potato. So this was a massive improvement compared to the previous years.

We had our blood work done, at this stage I am not 100% sure we shouldn´t have asked for other tests, but pretty much everything we had checked came back with good results, nothing is crazy elevated, here there some results have very minor differences from the normal or optimal. We have some stuff to slightly worry about. My C-peptide levels were slightly elevated, also the hsCRP results were in the “moderated risk” category.  Since everything else was pretty much in the normal range, I decided to keep a strict keto-carnivore way of eating until we have the chance to repeat the tests in a few months. My Hb A1c results were normal as well, so I am currently thinking (eh, stupid self diagnosis) that it might had to do with the food consumed the previous day than anything else.  But definitely will repeat these tests and see what we see next time.

The good news is that we had pretty much “food until feeling full” way of eating, without measuring anything, sometimes eating more times a day like we usually eat – and didn’t gained any wait during this time.