Fridge Update

This is pretty much what’s left in the fridge. There is some meat left for Tuesday and Wendnesday morning, and the rest are going to wait until we are back. Luckily nothing is perishable. Although I don’t think the Dulce de Leche will last till we are back…


The updated list looks like this:

  • chocolate bombons and a chocolate bar – WE DON’T TALK ABOUT THIS OKAY???
  • Dulce de leche – don’t ask!!! uuugghhh, my sin, a teaspoon at a time, occasionally, 😀  “strangely” 2 tablespoons are missing. I had it today… 
  • peanutbutter , less than a half jar
  • heavy cream ( 4 or 5 small  250ml, 1 big, 500g tetrapack ) – finished
  • beer-  1×0.0, 2xradlers  friends finished them 🙂
  • 4 3 2 packet of sour cabbage – 1 pack left
  • 2 big 1kg buckets of full fat yogurts – Had to make some desserts to be able to use it all up.
  • 2 small sour creams
  • butter about 60g left, 2x 250g 1x 250g +1x125g
  • cheese about  1 kg, cheese less than 1kg
  • some sliced cheese -250g
  • some melted – fake – cheese half a box
  • cooking cream -(4-5 small bricks)
  • jar of miso paste–  given away
  • prosciutto type ham – no problem
  • other ham – no problem
  • white sausage 
  • chorizzo picante –  
  • some bell peppers (3) one left, onion, avocado, tomato and 2 peaches, 2 lemons  New 1kg tomato
  • ricotta cheese – will be eaten, no problem
  • some orange jam leftover (about 2 tablespoons) will add it to yogurt
  • 1 bucket of pork fat (1kg-ish)
  • 1 big jar of duck fat (8 tablespoons gone)
  • eggs (a few eggs are gone) bought more
  • some frozen vegetables in the freezer –  ( 500g green beans, 200g peas gone) won’t be able to finish this in time
  • frozen meat in the freezer – no problem  (used 2x 1 kg of chicken breast )
  • meat from yesterday, about half a kg – no problem
  • szalonnaslightly more than half a kg – this is 98% fat as well. (about half of the original amount is gone 2 slices left, will be used today
  • some condiments, spices (pesto, balsamic vinegar, low sugar ketchup)
  • some mayonnaise (300g?)  (about half of the original amount is gone )
  • 460g British saussage (we got this from friends)
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