Dirty keto

Definitions, definitions 😀

Lazy Vs Strict Vs Dirty Keto Vs If It Fits Your Macros

“Back in the days”  (hehe) when we started the keto diet, or more correctly the keto way of living (4 years and 192 days ago), there was only one type of Keto. The one where you were supposed to eat under 20g of carbs during a 24h period.  But now I see that there are all sorts of keto diets… dirty keto, lazy keto etc.   I don´t really care about the new definitions or labels, I will continue to do whatever fits MY way of living 🙂

But for the sake of conversation, according to the new rules we do a mix of lazy and dirty keto. From the definition on the above blog post we fit somewhat into the ¨regular keto¨ mixed with “dirty keto” and a moderated “if it fits your macros” if they are real food (not any highly processeed shits and ready made low carb whatevers, definitely NOT croissant and margarine*, but maybe a bit of butternut squas, a half apple or carrots type of  IIFYM approach. Definitely NOT the IIFYM mentioned in this video) than we are good to go.

The reason we can do this is because while we would like to loose some weight – not paying attention to macros and being to allowing  got us to a point where we started to gain weight –  we eat follow the keto lifestyle for the other health benefits it brings us. (Husband now is without blood pressure lowering pills, our lab results came back normal for cholesterol and triglycerides and I don´t suffer from daily heartburn any more.  We may go off the very strict keto for short periods of time, but during all this time, we constantly stayed low carb.

Cheat days will make us bloated, hangover like feeling for at least 1 day, feeling tired and generally feeling very off.  We occasionally still cheat, because let´s admit a bunch of non keto food tastes super awesome, but we are aware of the price we have to pay the following days.

Also we were never this ¨must be organic, grass fed, eco bio whole food” bandwagon either. I would love to be able to afford good quality food all the time, and I would love to know that the animals we eat, had at least a happy life and were not tortured during their life, if they had to be sacrificed to become food. But in most of the cases we have not even the frigging clue how the animal was raised or where it comes from. There are very limited bio/eco meats available in the supermarket where we can buy food, and usually way to expensive for our budget. We don´t have control over this.  Farmers market is pretty much in-existent in this area, some butchers are far away and we still don´t know how the animals were raised.  In exchange I try to be consistent with one thing: I NEVER throw out edible food.  I try to cook food from basic ingredients, either fresh or frozen vegetables, and try to look up the ingredients in each food we consume not to buy the most artificial shit that´s out there. But this doesn´t mean we won´t have ¨plastic sausages¨ once in a while, especially if the budget is low, and we still need food. I prefer to have something in my tummy than go without food. (except when I am fasting of course).

I often use frozen vegetables in my cooking. The reason is simple: the price and the availability. For us is very convenient to have frozen vegetable, as a real market is far away and only happens on Mondays. If once a month we manage to get there I am happy and buy local vegetables, but we don´t have any reliable local producers in the close vicinity. And if I go to the market to buy some yellow “green” beans and they tell me that the kg is 13€ euros, I will just go the the nearest supermarket and buy 1 kg of frozen green beans for 1€  per kg.

And I also have at home some totally non keto ingredients.  I have a bag of sugar – 1 kg. Sometimes friends come over who want sugar in their coffee and rarely I spend time with my hobby – creating chocolate bonbons- and some recipes require sugar and there is no way to replace it.  Eating 1-2 bonbons in 2 weeks (7-8g in weight, 5g carbs), won´t ruin anything for us or if it does … oh well I can live with that…

I have a bag of flour at home -not really use it, unless I don’t have any good replacement for ‘breading’ and I am lazy.

I wanted to have some experiments with gluten. Yup. the EVIL of our modern days. I found it in a health shop. Since gluten basically a protein, and we don´t have any sensitivity to gluten I figured I will give it a try. And than we moved and I misplaced my kg of gluten somewhere and no idea where it can be. Will have to get another batch. I know, everybody tells against it, but I have to try some things okay???

And finally I have a bag of rice as well. Some traditional meals we make require rice. I don´t go overboard with this, only add a small handful of rice for a 2-3 day meal  that will be shared between 2 people or more. When we were paying attention to what we are eating, this was nothing to worry about.  This occasional non keto items are really not the problem (for us).  Since we do this food diary, I realized our biggest issue: we forgot that while you can eat till fill full on keto, this doesn´t mean you can stuff yourself with  until you can stuff yourself.  Keto is awesome, but if we want to loose weight, we have to watch a little bit the amount we are eating. We don’t have a very active lifestyle, so it’s easy to eat more than we actually need. Ever since I introduced the food diary, and we spend time to prepare the meal, measure everything, it just slows down the whole process, and we actually eat less.  The first few days were awkward, like hmm I could eat much more, but slowly it gets better.

So there you have it, we do a mix of regular keto with dirty keto.  From what I understood, it depends the reason you are on the keto diet. If you want to loose weight better follow the rules strictly 🙂