Damn, I forgot to update

So many things happened lately, and so little time… I completely forgot to update anything food related. We are now mostly doing intermitent fasting, about 16/8 is the average, sometimes a little bit less, sometimes a little bit more. We are on the ketovore side, it feels great. Except when heating. Like the last weekend.  I made a bunch of chocolate bonbons to send it to family as gifts and of course we had a bit. It was delicious I can say and while we were at it, also had a bottle of vine. On Monday I was feeling like crap, had massive headache and was just generally not good. On Tuesday it was slightly better, but only now I feel better.

Our kitchen is almost ready, although not quite there yet, and hopefully once we finish with all the renovations, I will have more time to keep track of our food and fasting.