As expected… no Food Diary

I was prepared not to be able to continue the Food diary during the month of August.

The first few days were weird. We went to a weekend to a cabin in the mountains, sort of a birthday party with way to much food. Luckily a lot of keto friendly meals as well.

Friday and the early hours of Saturday I was able to resist to all the non keto friendly temptations, however on Saturday night I had some traditional cabbage rolls (this has rice), tasted the very delicious cake and had 2 tiny apple filled cookies. Not to much carbs, but overall the carb load was way bigger that I can handle in one go.  I had a terrible night, lot of cramps about 4 hours in maximum pain until I managed to fall asleep… Sunday I was not even interested to look at anything with carbs … Husband also had some cake and some cookies, and his blood pressure went up 30 points.

To “clean up” after this weekend, we had a fasting day (from Sunday afternoon till Tuesday afternoon.  Everything feels so much better.