4 years and 188 days of keto

Today I realized that we are pretty much on Keto for 4 years and 188 days. For some reason it was stuck in my head that we do this of 2 years and some. Luckily I had an old blog where I could look it up.  It´s strange so see this number, because this is quiet a long period of time. For me it still seems  brand new  way of eating. Although it´s the normal for us, it´s still considered strange and weird by most of our friends and family.  I am still amazed by the benefits of eating like this and super annoyed when we manage to go off track. Because it happened before and it will happen again.

When we started, we did a very strict keto for about half a year. And we were rewarded with all the benefits. It was just to easy. Bot of us lost weight, especially my husband, were eating until feeling full, and while sometimes hungry, never the low blood sugar type of crazy hungry, always full with energy, no issues with focus or with sustained effort. His “5 pills a day” slowly went to 4, 3 and than no pills were needed, because with the pills his blood pressure was ridiculously low. 2 years into our keto journey we went to a full checkup and to everybody´s surprise all our tests had the results between the very normal ranges. Cholesterol, triglycerides, and everything else that was messed up  before.

But after a long period of time, it felt like we know all what´s related to keto and started to become lazy. Lazy enough to allow all you can eat at the chinese food court once in a while (not to often, but it happened), some delicious kebab at the indian shop in a small town nearby, some potato chips when were at friends playing scrabble. We could have said no to all this, nobody forced us to eat anything that was not keto, it was just this thought that “oh common one small cheat meal won´t hurt”.

While it is true: it won´t hurt us to “cheat” once in a while, what actually hurt is going back and forth between keto and non keto. Because we tend to forget how important is to stay off carbs and how little is the 20g allowance for a day!

Our main way of eating is keto, low carb. I try to make us good quality, fat loaded sweets for our sweet cravings,, and that usually helps. We do have some fruits, but very little. One apple shared between the 2 of us.   When we go out with friends, visit friends, we try to  keep the carb count low, but we don´t make to big of a fuss about it either.   And generally we do try to avoid carbs, but if the only food on the table is loaded with carbs, we won´t throw a tantrum either. Just try to eat as little as possible.

Anyway 🙂 we did quite a lot of lazy keto lately – lazy and dirty but now we try to get back on the more strict version. Hence I started to pay attention of what we eat. I don´t really care about the calories, but right now we try to loose a bit of weight that managed to creep back in the last few months of lazy keto and cheat days. Because of that I do pay attention to carbs and calories in general, mostly to be in some deficit.  But most importantly having a visual food diary actually helps me keep track of what we eat and how much carbs are in there.

One thing I can tell you for sure: keto is amazing, but it has rules. And if we don´t respect those rules, it will bite us in the ass.

We are only 2 adults in our household, and we control pretty much all the food that comes here. This makes it somewhat easier for us.

It´s difficult to stick to this way of eating when 3/4 of the grocery store food items are loaded with carbs.  I can rant about this all day long, but it won´t change. Carbs are cheap to produce, cheap to store and easy to prepare.  And most of them are delicious. I won´t lie, I love pizza, love bread. Don´t miss it so much, because we eat delicious keto foods. I don´t try to replace it with crazy keto breads. It will just prolong the suffering.

Anyway keto for us is a way of life. Not a crazy temporary diet to stick to for a few weeks and hope for some miracles.

I will share a few more bits of info about some keto on the bugdet, how do I cook some meals and maybe some recipes too.

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