21 days left

Here is the content of our fridge right now. I proposed to my husband that in this month to eat only “fridge food”. The last time we were grocery shopping was 02 of July – and right after we arrived home  i realized we will go away for a period of time, so it’s a bad idea to bring home to much food that we won’t be able to eat.  I made somewhat of an inventory, and only found 2-3 items that are not possible to consume in this period of time (like 2.5kg of pure fat I have stored for cooking with it). There are some other items that is not important to be refrigerated, or won’t expire until we go home, but some of the items will need to be either consumed or thrown out.  There are moments when I am sure we will need to go buy some food as we will empty the fridge in no time, and other moments when I think there is way to much food to eat and we won’t be able to clear half of it, especially that now we try to control every aspect of our eating and include fasting days.


So here is pretty much what´s in the fridge right now:

  • chocolate bombons and a chocolate bar – WE DON’T TALK ABOUT THIS OKAY???
  • Dulce de leche – don’t ask!!! uuugghhh, my sin, a teaspoon at a time, occasionally, 😀
  • peanutbutter , less than a half jar
  • heavy cream ( 4 or 5 small  250ml, 1 big, 500g tetrapack ) – these don´t require refrigeration, some have expiry date in October, I don’t mind those
  • beer-  1×0.0, 2xradlers either we drink them or friends do, they can also stay without refrigeration, I don´t care about those
  • 4 pocket of sour cabbage – 2 have expiry date in august, will eat those, 2 have net year, also doesn´t require refrigeration
  • 2 big 1kg buckets of full fat yogurts – no problem, this will be consumed
  • 2 small sour creams -no problem, this will be consumed
  • butter, 2x 250g
  • cheese about  1 kg
  • some sliced cheese -250g
  • some melted – fake – cheese half a box
  • cooking cream -(4-5 small bricks) this has some carbs, use it carefully but it gives better texture to the food. – about 2 have early expiry, the rest can stay
  • jar of miso paste– this was part of an experiment, might try to add it to some “cube soup”, it has some carbs, but it may have some vitamins and amino acids
  • prosciutto type ham – no problem
  • other ham – no problem
  • sausage – no problem
  • some bell peppers (3), onion, avocado, tomato and 2 peaches, 2 lemons
  • ricotta cheese – will be eaten, no problem
  • some orange jam leftover (about 2 tablespoons) will add it to yogurt, this amount won´t make any difference
  • 1 bucket of pork fat (1kg-ish)
  • 1 big jar of duck fat 
  • eggs
  • some frozen vegetables in the freezer – one of which is a 1/2 bag of green peas
  • frozen meat in the freezer – no problem
  • meat from yesterday, about half a kg – no problem
  • szalonna – slightly more than half a kg – this is 98% fat as well.
  • some condiments, spices (pesto, balsamic vinegar, low sugar ketchup)
  • some mayonnaise (300g?)
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