Two meals a day

I am super busy with the apartment, no time to log or to keep track of what we eat. Right now we are on some sort of limited keto, more on the carnivore side, with some vegetables.

What is new since the last time I have written something is the almost full stop on artificial sweeteners.  We stopped adding them to the coffee in fasting days  – where we consumed the black coffee as is, without anything. And after a few days, I was like, why not try drinking the coffee without any sweetener. It was truly strange at the beginning. And I still need a dash of milk in my coffee (except the fasting days), but now about 2 teaspoons of milk makes the coffee taste sweet. So it’s a win win situation, until I maybe try to remove the milk as well.

What we also noticed to have strange nose congestion when eating cheese. Which is pretty much every day. Will have to do a week or so without any cheese to see what happens.

Hopefully soon the kitchen will be ready, and I will have more time documenting the foods we eat.