Food Diary 24.07.2019

Breaking the fast… didn´t went as I planned, but still okay 😀

Today morning we got a phone call from some friends who live a little bit further away about them being in the area. Initially they had some important thing to do at home, and only wanted to pop in for a coffee, but their other appointment got cancelled so they stayed and we had a lovely lunch together. They stopped in a store and bought some meat so it was perfect for me to break the fast.  3 hours here or there won´t matter much long term.  Initially I wanted to eat a little bit of cabbage salad – cabbage with some oil, salt, vinegar, pepper and paprika, but I was just not into eating any sort of greens today.  So I only had the meat and will not eat till tomorrow when I resume with the normal eating.

I feel very good, was not hungry and this 3rd 3 day fast, and this was much easier than the previous ones.  I was less hungry and could focus on other things than watching recipes all day long.