Food Diary 17.07.2019

Last day of our 72h fast. 6 more hours to go.   So far so good. Occasional hunger spikes but nothing really worth mentioning. I think I was seriously hungry for a total of 20 minutes about , 5-10 minutes of hunger at a time. We only consumed water, black coffee and stock cube ‘soup’ for salt intake.  Today, at around 20:00 we will have our first meal, to break the fast with some lightly seasoned chicken breast quickly fried on the grill.  Tomorrow we will eat normally.  I can say that the second ever  72h fast was much easier then the first one I did not so long ago.

Breaking the fast:

Husband wanted some onions, I was not not interested in it.

Kcalories/100g Amount Kcalories Fat SaturatedFat Proteins Carbs
Chicken breast 165 210 346.5 7.56 2.1 65.1 0
Cheese (cured) 415 57 236.55 19.95 11.97 14.25 0.285
Butter 725 24 174 19.2 12.48 0.168 0.144
Totals Kcalories Fat Total SaturatedF Proteins Carbs
757.05 46.71 26.55 79.518 0.429

I “donated” a little bit of my meat to husband.