Food Diary 12.07.2019

Today we had to go early, so I didn’t had to much time to think about the breakfast. And since I had no idea when we get back, I didn’t wanted to go without food either. So I quickly put together this plate, and had it for breakfast.


This is the leftover. I was feeling fool and I decided to skip eating this. I could have pushed it, I mean it’s just a tiny peace of meat, but now days I prefer to listen to the “you had enough” feeling.  We on occasions consume some fruits, that are categorized as “omg this is not keto”, but we keep track of the carbs and the amount. Generally we share a piece of fruit, and it’s mostly for the taste. This amount had about 5g of carbs.  Luckily I was never to keen on eating fruits and sweets, so this amount is more than enough. I will probably eat it later, and than it will add up to the carbs. I won’t have any other carbs for dinner (the planned meal is some slice of chicken breast grilled and some sausage)

Kcalories/100g Amount Kcalories Fat Proteins Carbs
Sauerkraut with exotic tendencies 126.5 249 314.985 13.197 36.354 8.217
Szalonna 716 26 186.16 18.98 2.34 0
Burgos 203 112 227.36 16.8 15.68 2.8
La selva negra cured ham 243 26 63.18 3.9 6.76 0.26
Totals Kcalories Fat Proteins Carbs
791.685 52.877 61.134 11.277


Dinner: chicken breast, British Pork Sausages, paprika, mayonnaise and ZERO sugar barbecue sauce 😀

Amazing how many calories are in these foods 😀

Kcalories/100g Amount Kcalories Fat Proteins Carbs
British Pork Sausages 280 158 442.4 32.548 33.654 2.37
Chicken breast 165 160 264 5.76 49.6 0
Mayonnaise 660 22 145.2 15.708 0.088 0.726
Pepper 35 45 15.75 0.135 0.45 2.7
Totals Kcalories Fat Proteins Carbs
867.35 54.151 83.792 5.796

I did´t counted the barbecue sauce, it is very low carb, and we ate very little amount.  Total for the day: 1651Kcal… hmmm…