Food Diary 07.07.2019

I managed to make the most horrible photo of today´s food… sorry about that. Usually I make 2-3 shots, but today… just this lousy one.


This would be to complicated to calculate everything, so I won´t even bother.   I absolutely hate to throw out food that is still edible, like this Carrot with mayonnaise, so I decided to give it a small twist. I cut a smaller head of a green onion, some tomatoes, mixed it and voila, the garnish for today was ready.

According to my calculation 100g of this “Recycled mayo and carrot” was about 91Kcal/100g

The marinate had some carbs in it but the amount we eat is still “under the radar” so I can let it fly, considering that this is our first meal for today, and it may well be the last, we are still below the desired daily amount of carbs.

Kcalories/100g Amount Kcalories Fat Proteins Carbs
Carrot with mayonaisse and tomato 91.5 109 99.735 5.668 0.5232 3.27
Meat 155 174 269.7 12.006 36.54 0
Totals Kcalories Fat Proteins Carbs
369.435 17.674 37.0632 3.27

Food no. 2

Green beans, with mayonnaise, garlic and some ham

I took about half a bag of frozen green beans (500g), quickly boiled it for a few minutes until “al dante”, took it out from the water and let it cool. I put the ham, 30g of duck fat in a pan and fried it a bit, let it cool. Took 3 cloves of garlic, pressed, mixed everything (fatty ham, beans, garlic and mayonnaise) together.  According to my calculator, this is food provided us with:

Kcalories/100g Amount Kcalories Fat Proteins Carbs Sugar Fiber Sal
Green beens with ham 147 328 482.16 34.44 26.076 9.7 7.1 4.5 0