Sugar free blueberry jello-cream-yogurt dessert

Except 2 chocolate bonbons we didn’t had any sweet treat for a long time. I had some cream, greek yogurt and a pack of sugar free jello powder, figured I put something together from this.  Since this is experimental, now I know that either I should have added more liquid (cream or water) or should […]

Green bean salad with mayo, ham, sausage and cheese

Our “Empty the fridge” challenge continues despite the fact that I already break the rules. We were shopping the other day for some very basic items…  Anyway I decided to take a look in the freezer and see what I can mix together in what way to call it dinner for tonight.  But enough with […]

Chicken Sauerkraut With Saussage and Greens

Ingredients 43g lard  (can be replaced with olive oil) 630g chickenbreast cut in strips 1 medium onion chopped 120g green peas 75g chorizo picante 150g green bell pepper cut in strips 1 bag (320g) Sauerkraut Spices: cumin, fenel, salt, smoked paprika, pepper Steps Heated the lard in the wok, added the chopped onion and stirred […]