Fridge update

It’s time for a quick inventory for the contents of the fridge 😀  Started like this, on 08/07/2019 and this is where we are now: Copied over the list, as it’s easier to just cut out what’s left: chocolate bombons and a chocolate bar – WE DON’T TALK ABOUT THIS OKAY??? Dulce de leche – […]

Dirty keto

Definitions, definitions 😀 Lazy Vs Strict Vs Dirty Keto Vs If It Fits Your Macros “Back in the days”  (hehe) when we started the keto diet, or more correctly the keto way of living (4 years and 192 days ago), there was only one type of Keto. The one where you were supposed to eat […]

The Keto Diet is Killing My Son

Bahh!!! We will spend the whole month of August in the Carb filled homeland. I am already regretting the decision to go there for such a long period of time. Will have to fight the constant “at least try it, a little bit won´t hurt” from pretty much everybody around, the “what you are doing […]

I don´t care about…

There are a few ¨quirks” in our diet or way of eating, and while I know that this or that is not entirely correct, I am totally fine with them. For example I know that the nutrition facts of a red/green/yellow bell peppers are different,  that cherry tomatoes or kumato tomatoes contain more carbs or […]

21 days left

Here is the content of our fridge right now. I proposed to my husband that in this month to eat only “fridge food”. The last time we were grocery shopping was 02 of July – and right after we arrived home  i realized we will go away for a period of time, so it’s a […]

4 years and 188 days of keto

Today I realized that we are pretty much on Keto for 4 years and 188 days. For some reason it was stuck in my head that we do this of 2 years and some. Luckily I had an old blog where I could look it up.  It´s strange so see this number, because this is […]