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Coves de Sant Josep

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  • 08/06/202018/08/2020

There are not many photos of this case, because you are not allowed to take photos… the two were made … well secretly 🙂 

The cave is amazing, you will go with the boats, a guide is pushing the boat around to a certain point, where you get off the boat, and go to a short walk. At the end of this walkway, you will meet the boats again, to get in and be taken out. Usually there is a moment when all the boats are stopped, lights turned off and you can enjoy some music. 


On full season, it´s a good idea to book the tickets from the website, so you don´t have to wait to much, but this also depends on the hours. When we visited in June, there was no need to pre-booking. 

The boats are big, and totally safe for small kids. 

It is also possible to visit the cave with kayaks, however these only have special dates and had to be booked ahead. 

Coves de Sant Josep

Small "Artistic" Cave

Unfortunately I don´t know if this small cave has a name, but surely you won´t miss it… it´s on the same path as the Coves de Sant Josep, at the beginning. 

Here is ALLOWED to make photos 🙂 

P.S. The last 3 items are not part of the exchibition LOL