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By Evi
In September 21, 2017
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It´s more than a year ago since I had time to open this site-blog and write something about anything. We still have great plans to travel trough Spain, but have no idea how many years have to pass in order to be able to do so. For now we managed to have a few days off and go visit some small but nice places like Peniscola, Vilafames and a few tiny tiny villages in the gorgeous Sierra Espadan. (Artana, Eslida, Ain, Alcudia de Veo and Fanzara).  We wanted to go and visit Valencia, but the amount of time we had this time was way to limited to even try to get there so we only hit tiny marks this time.

Peniscola church

Peniscola church

In Peniscola there was Fiesta, so the old town was packed full, there were traditional bull related events and  other things organized. While it was the first time for my cousin to see how they run with the bulls, it was not something that made him excited. It was much nicer to walk on the very old streets of Peniscola and  enjoy the great views. We had lunch here in a fish restaurant, which is “outrageous” for me as I don´t eat fish at all 😀

Peniscola street

Peniscola street

In Vilafames we only spent a few hours , visited the castle, some of the old streets and bought some really good vine in a bodega.

Artana, Eslida, Ain, Alcudia de Veo and Fanzara were “consumed” in one day, all of them are tiny but very lovely plaes. There is a very interesting tunel on the road to Ain from Eslida: the road makes a 360 degree circle and half of this is in a tunel. I haven´t seen anything like this anywhere in all our travels so it was awesome to go trough. I knew about this tunel as I was here before but it was a surprise for my cousin to see it.

Fanzara was a little bit of dissapointment. I was there a little while ago, about 2 years I think and to my surprise many many houses were renovated, painted either gray or white but many didn´t had any old paintings on them. There were new paintings and art works, so I only hope they did some massive renovations on the houses in order to make place for new paintings. This time the visit to Fanzara was a bit dissapointing, but also full of hopes to go again in a year or two time and see how the place develops.

Unfortunately our days spent together were very short, so we couldn´t really go to many places but I am grateful that the weather was lovely and we spent quality time together with them.

Hopefully this year we will have some travels´ but I will know about them only after we get there. We have a plan to visit to Santiago De Compostela and Lugo let´s see if we manage to get there.

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