Sanitas Dental Milenium

By Evi
In May 10, 2016
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Was very busy the last few days, had no time for anything… But I have a story that I want to tell, that is not really just “Spanish speciality” but more generally an “insurance company’s speciality” type of thing…  We had a general health insurance trough Sanitas… and one day they called my husband if we want an additional dental coverage called Sanitas Dental Milenium. Without thinking to much about it, the offer sounded reasonable so my husband agreed to add it to our coverage.  Especially that the nice lady explained over and over again, that this addon can be cancelled ANY TIME, there is no mandatory period of time to have it and so on.  We figured, will go, check it see how it is and if we don’t like it we cancel it… “any time” we want.

Soon,(probably next week) both of us will have to make a visit to a dentist… and I started to look up what is the general opinion about the Sanitas Dental Milenium coverage, dentist cabinets.  I wanted a slight assurance that I am not opening my mouth to a butcher or anything. Much to my surprise quite a few online reviews were bad… I looked more into the issue and a general pattern emerged: SUPPOSEDLY these company will give you some overcharged estimates, “just” big enough so the expenses are not covered by your insurance.

Not really trustworthy reviews isn’t it?  I know, that there is no absolute truth on the internet… but seeing more than one review of this kind, we ultimately decided with my husband, to just cancel this addon, and continue to go to our regular dentist who proved to be a good one. The problem was that the dental services could be still good, awesome and the complains just cases where people like to complain, but for me was meaning that I DO NOT TRUST this company from the very beginning, and not interested to try it out on my skin.

Because we didn’t benefit from it AT ALL, we didn’t used any free service, nor even the paid ones, we thought that cancelling will be just a simple phone call… as we were promised over and over again, that this can be removed from our health insurance any time we decide to do so.

Well guess what… there was indeed 1 phone call needed but it lasted quite a lot, because Operator 1 blatantly told to my husband’s face, that it is not possible to remove the coverage… but after my husband insisted that if this is not possible, he will cancel the whole health insurance in a split second… (and we do not have any contractual obligation to stay with them) she transferred him to Operator 2. This woman was insisting that we go and try out the insurance, no matter that she was told about 10 times that we are not interested. She was ignoring the request, didn’t really let my husband talk, she talked and talked and tried to convince us otherwise.  Finally after a very long verbal battle, she all of a sudden found the “remove this policy” button… because soon both of us received a notification that our insurance was switched off.

Now… the conclusions: insurance companies are the SAME Sh*t anywhere you go on this planet. When they try to sell you a product, they lie about it, when you try to give up that  product, they lie about it.   If you are faint at hearth, not strong willed like we are, and slightly hesitant with what you want, you basically have no chance to get rid of these sharks…

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